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PT & Miscarriage

I'm in the Army NG and tomorrow have to take a PT Test. Last month, I did my PT and failed, knowingly pregnant. A week ago, I miscarried at 2 months and my right ovary is swollen. (Sorry for details!). I haven't stopped bleeding since the 28th (I was told I could bleed up to 3 weeks), nor have my cramps stopped. Not sure if any of you would know, but can I continue with my PT? (I have discharge papers and prescriptions regarding the miscarriage).

All answers would be appreciated. I just don't want to tell my chain of command about it if I don't have to because it hit me hard.
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Ok, first sorry to hear of your loss, I understand it is traumatic, however.... you do have a duty to keep your chain of command informed... if you informed them of your pregancy before your APFT they more than likley would NOT have had to you take the APFT. Contact your first line leader and inform him or her of the situation, they have a duty to help you but you have a duty to inform. the WIARNG is generally very soldier caring oriented
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