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Question about reenlisting indef and receiving a bonus in the tiered system. I have 11 years in, and my ETS is SEP2019. I want to transfer my GI Bill bennies to my kids. My career counselor informs me I'd be doing a reenlistment (not an extension) to do that, because I'm now over 10 years. He wasn't able to tell me for certain whether I'd be eligible for a bonus, and if so, how much. He's unsure how the additional service commitment would be calculated for an indef bonus. Would that simply be the time between my current ETS date and my 20-year mark? For instance, I hit 20 in OCT2024, which is 61 months after my current ETS (SEP2019). Any light anybody can shed on my situation would be much appreciated.

*I'm a SSG 35N which gets me a 5-tier on the latest SRB (16-009).
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I received an SRB when I reenlisted indef at around 11 years. My contract stated that the bonus was for 9yrs, 4 mos (which was the time between the reenlistment date and my 20yr mark).

I ran into the same thing with my retention guy back in 2012. I needed a little extra time in order to PCS into an instructor slot. I wanted to extend but had to bite the bullet and reenlist indef.

Hope this helps.

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