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So I just got selected on the March board and hopefully get enrolled in a WOCS class in the next month or two. The problem is that my command signed me up for DATC class coming up here shortly. They've informed me that because of the difficult nature of getting into that course it takes precedence to WOCS which I know is incorrect. I've been looking over regulations that state that a DA select schools take precedence but can't find it. Thoughts?
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Most likely, you will attend WOCS in four to eight months. If there are no conflicts, you could attend that school. If there is a conflict with WOCS, obviously you will be required to attend WOCS.

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WOCS takes precedence to everything. I was on recruiting orders and tried to get out of them, and NOBODY or NOTHING can tell USAREC what to do lol. The only that trumped those recruiting orders was WOCS or OCS. Got accepted for WOCS and bam, recruiter got deleted. My unit tried telling me I'd deploy and have to defer WOCS, they're dead wrong. Only you can change your date and defer if necessary.
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