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Hey I was wondering if anyone knew if soldiers or civilians are running things ar HRC??? I'm curious too know because I'm waiting for A RFO and it seems like it is taking forever...I dont want to rush things, but this is delaying my plans...I think if the Army got rid of most of these DA civilians and gave the soldiers back their jobs, everything would be a lot smoother, and quicker. We tend to work more efficiently....

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There are Soldiers and Civilians working HRC. It never hurts to check up on the progress of your paperwork, at least they would know that you are trying to stay on top of things.

I agree, if the AG Soldier knew that his job was secure and didn't compete with all these civilians he might take more pride in his work and not appear to be so lazy.
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I am an AG Soldier if you told me a little more about where your stationed and what type of orders your waiting for I may be able to help you. And Rravera I know my job is secure I take pride in my work it is just ashamed alot of 42's dont.
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