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Day to day business of a Chap Asst?

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So reading earlier posts on what all a Chap Asst does I gather you handle the logistics for the Chaps but you dont get too in depth with the religious side of it....but what do you do on a day to day basis? I hardly ever see my Chap Asst, plus I am on leave right now, or I would go and ask him.

I am thinking of reclassing next year when my window opens up and I am doing my research now. I would want this MOS so I could be surrounded by my religion more but reading that might not happen makes me more "stand-off'ish" in considering this MOS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have ALOT of reclasses into this MOS?

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I am the Senior Chaplain Assistant for USAG Ansbach here in Ansbach Germany. Our daily duties and scopes differ on different assignments i.e TDA or TOE assignments. In all honesty TOE assignments (Brigade, Battalion) are much more intensive in gearing up for deployment (Pre, during, and post). TDA assignments are much more busier, but you go home everynight (for me it's roughly 1900-2200) because of the workload that I can't get accomplished thoughout the day when everyone is here at the office. It's a great MOS, you can be actively involved in your religion if it is offered here. (I do not know what your religion is so I can't make an accurate assumption as of now). The other side is you still have to be apart of setups for other religions as well. In the past we have had alot of reclasses to the MOS, but you will need to look up the IN CALLS as a SGT for the MOS.

My daily duties are numerous as I am also responsible for Soldier's so at my level it's not all about being a Chaplain Assistant, it's also about being a NCO and a Section NCOIC.

Also you have to either have a Secret clearence or you be favorable for receiving a Secret clearence. PM me with more questions or e-mail at
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SSG Blalock,

My daughter is in Sweinfert. She put her packet in to reclass to Chap. ASST. Her unit said she has to find someone to pay her TDY for her to go reclass. Isnt that the Army's job to pay her TDY? she jumped through hoops, took typing classes, put everything togeather herself. now they say she has to find her on way to school. THATS bull$%#t. if you ask me.
can you help?

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