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Stetsons wear

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Alright quit complaining. I am a SCOUT. Do you see everyone else complaining about not being able to wear a CIB, EIB or EFMB?? No because, it's an MOS specific citation. I know plenty of Infantry cats that think it's retarded that the stetson and spurs can be worn by anyone that happens to be in a CAV unit. READ IT CAV. What one MOS is specified to be CAVALRY... 19D. The only people authorized to wear them outside of a CAV unit is a Scout because, of the simple fact that yes WE are the CAVALRY. I did my time with the last remaining true to definition Cavalry unit (3d ACR. For those of you that don't know what the definition of a CAV unit is here ya go. It is a self reliant, self sustaining mobile fighting force. Meaning we have our own logistics, our own air power. We have everything that a conventional unit has to go to other units to get. Yes, when wear of the Stetson and spurs is authorized by the commander we can wear the Stetson indoors. Fact only 2 other jobs in the army can wear their headgear indoors (Special Forces and Drill Sergeants). Why you ask because, it's an honor to have earned the right to wear it. So next time you want to complain or have questions about Stetsons and Spurs ask yourself am I in the right MOS to have the right to wear these.......

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Originally posted by Recon87:
Do you see everyone else complaining about not being able to wear a CIB, EIB or EFMB?? No because, it's an MOS specific citation.

Well up until about 3 years ago the answer was yes... EVERY non infantry soldier wanted something for being in iraq, so they invented the cab... and yes i still hear people complaining about it because they went on a convy and they think that entitles them to a cib... because thats an infantry job lol!! Anywho the cib is still a much better award, because you have to do something to get it..No CIB's awarded for mortars. Big Grin but if the fob gets mortared everyone else gets
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Having been a Cavalry Trooper for several years with 2nd Squadron 11th ACR as an Infantryman It is my understanding that any Cavalry Trooper is authorized to wear the Stetson. You must earn your spurs either through a Spur ride or in combat. Though wearing the Stetson without having earned your spurs is generally looked down upon. I wouldn't recommend it.

Having been an 11B and serving proudly with the Blackhorse regiment we never did a spur ride. We concentrated on the EIB. In 2nd Squadron that was the award to have as an enlisted soldier.

The only people that wore Spurs in my unit were senior NCOs. The Saber was given as a gift to NCOs when leaving the unit.

After soldiers left the unit they were given the Cavalry Certificate (Stating that the trooper has ridden proudly with the Blackhorse regiment) framed and signed by the 11th ACR commander and the command sergeant major.

If you were in a cavalry unit and earned your spurs while there but are no longer serving in a cavalry unit you may not wear the spurs.

I am now in the US Army Reserve. I am in the Signal Corps. I miss the Infantry greatly. I have deployed both to Iraq and now Afghanistan. I absolutely detest the fobbit denigration. It is offensive to the soldiers who make their own sacrifices put forth in order to support the war effort.

A Cavalry Trooper is just that a Cavalry Trooper and can be proud to call themselves one. MOS has nothing to do with it. As stated in a previous post A cavalry unit is self sufficient. They have to be. Each soldier has his or her own integral roll in serving the unit and supporting its mission and operations.

Being a Reserve soldier and now in a Combat Service and Support roll I can't stand all the CAB talk going around. the comments of "oh man that rocket was close I wonder if I will get a CAB for that?" The same goes with the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star award.

People ask me all the time about my EIB. I earned it while riding with the 11th ACR. That is the one badge that I am most proud of earning my whole military career. I know Infantrymen who would rather wear their EIB than their CIB. These Infantrymen state that They busted thier humps to earn their EIB and all they did to earn their CIB was their job.

The CAB is a meaningless award to me unless I know the story behind it because I know the jockeying that goes into getting that award. Yes there are a great many soldiers that deserve to have their Combat Action recognised.

A Cavalry Trooper serving in a Combat Service and Support roll in country has just as much right to earn his or her combat spurs as the Infantryman. The additional award the Infantryman gets is the CIB. The Combat Service and Support trooper does not.

Supplies, cooks, signal, maintenance, finance and personnel soldiers are just as important to the mission. Without them you don't get your food, supplies, vehicles fixed, payed, promoted and all that other stuff that goes into the daily life of fighting a war. Is their job as dangerous? No it isn't often times it is mundane and boring.

Having served as an Infantryman I know what it is like on the other side. My heart goes out to every one of you Infantry guys that goes outside the wire and into harms way every day. That goes to all those non infantry guys and gals that are doing the same. I pray for you all and wish you luck and hope to see you safely back inside the wire when you are done with your mission. Most of the time I wish i was with you.

I am proud to have been able to call myself a Cavalry Trooper and to have served with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. God Bless you all.

My spurs have never been worn as I was awarded them when I left the unit. They hang on my wall under my stetson and with my saber along with my certificate. I look at them with pride and remember the great days I had as a Cavalry Trooper.
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hey JDisasoldier!
so,there are a lot of solid opinions in this discussion.
so,my "sister unit" is a cavalry regiment,and my boyfriend is a medic with the cav.
idk how your unit does it,but in his unit,the whole squadron wears their stetsons on close out formations on fridays as well as earned spurs.if you ever go to a cavalry formal or ball, you will see that every scout is wearing a stetson in their class As. whether you have deployed with the cav or not, you are now a part of the cav and deserve every right to wear a stetson. in my bf's cav unit, it is encouraged that every scout wears a stetson, new to the troop or not.
stetsons dont fall into the same category as spurs. spurs are rightfully earned through the spur ride "haze".
if you take pride in being a scout,then by all means wear it. itll only show the ones who dont approve of you wearing it that regardless of the fact that you have not yet been deployed with them, you are definitely ready to in the future.
even the medics in his unit wear the stetson, but instead of a yellow rope, the have a red one.
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hahahah WOW, this topic was initially discussed 6 years ago!
well, i guess that "then scout" finally received the correct answer.
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