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CavScout daily life

Just signed up w/ the MEPS a couple of weeks ago, been in the Navy for almost 6yrs, going 19D. What is the daily life like? *in garrison and deployed* I have been on and all they do is say research...researching is kind of hard when you dont know where to start on a subject you dont know much about (minus what says.) Can anybody help me?!? Best article I have ever read, so far, was just yesterday about 5/73 w/ the 82nd out of Bragg...they did some crazy stuff and I was thrilled about what I read! Is it just train-train-train or what? When does work start/finish, what the hell do we do in between? Biggest reasons I chose 19D is I joined the Navy for brotherhood and barely found any, until the past year since I have been with a Marine the bonus offer was FREAKING AWESOME!!! Any help would be appreciated.

"No, no," he explained, "I've got 'em right where I want 'em -- surrounded from the inside." - Jerry Shriver

The famous words of a SF soldier telling his superiors not to worry about the NVA force that circled his tiny team...
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Don't be discouraged by what you see at the ait portion. It is what happens when you get to your unit that you will form your opinions. Garrison is lame once you've been deployed. You won't get much respect from the infantry guys for the most part because they are intimidated by what they don't know which is a lot. They will tell you to forget anything you learn at ft knox, but it is the basic shit you will need. There is a lot of training and a lot of administrative nonsense. But being in the field is where you establish the brotherhood. If you have Drill Sergeants Bibb, Yeli, or Edmundson. You time will be unforgettable.
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cav scouts huh? you didnt see the video of what we do?? ride dirt bikes, drive dune buggies and play paint ball all day!!! ...... ha ha ha
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