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tape test

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I know many Soldiers who have been on the Weight Control Program for long periods of time. Some are seriously over the body fat allowance and some stay very close to passing.

I know the ARMY just came out with a new taping procedure and table. I am wondering if and how it is better or worse in your opinion? To me it seems to be trying to adjust for different body types, but I don't know if it works.

I am just wondering about your opinion.

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Originally posted by admin:
wow, 100 correct push-ups?

This one time, I took a PT test, and I did 120 pushups. Except for 80 of them I was wormin' like a mother!! My grader: our detatchment 1SGT. He just kept counting, so I just kept going. I get 300s anyway so I really wasn't cheating. But I thought that was pretty amusing. He musta been drunk or really preoccupied, because he was a pretty hard charger.


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If you just give it your all, and have the olny option be the medic taking you off of the course because you collapsed, then you will pass.

Good Luck....and Pedialyte (the stuff for dehydrated babies the night before and the day of ensure maximum hydration)

2 Aspirins could help well too.

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Alright you hit a Plato and cannot lose any longer weight right? Well, i would say you'd need to amendment your compute routine. once I 1st have to be compelled to the MEPS station i used to be more than weight and had to try to to lots of exercise routines...then I hit the Plato. I additional a lot of running into my exercise and reverse crosstraininer.

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