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3 years ago I was 19 and tried to join the Air Force. I didn't even go to meps b4 they decided to disqualify me for my heart murmur. History on heart murmur: Have had it since i was born, never been a problem EVER. played sports(baseball,football) from the time i was 4 till i was 19(I am now 22). Been to the Cardiologist every year just for check ups to make sure everything is staying consistent and have always been told I should never have any problems with it. with that all being said what is the U.S. Army's take on having a mild heart murmur? Is the medical DQ for heart murmur universal in the military? I am just having a hard time understanding this: i have read on the internet recently that some guys HAVE got in with a heart murmur and then I have read some guys have NOT. If any of you could help me out and give me some insight into this, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, with me being medically DQ'd by the air force 3 years ago, does this come with a lifetime DQ?
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You'll have to find a recruiter with enough time to take you to MEPS and talk with the doctor...

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