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I'm planning on reenlisting from 92F to 92R in about a year or so. I was wondering if anyone had any extra info about reserve rigger duties. where and what i might do for my weekend drills? I live right near MacDill AFB. ALSO do you always go directly from basic training right to airborne school? or do you do AIT and then aiborne? i've gotten conflicting info. HOOAH!
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Im not too sure about Reserve Riggers but I was a active duty Rigger. There are 3 areas you can work Pack, Maintance or Aerial Delivery (AD). I worked AD and loved it. Last I knew you go from Basic to Airborne School and then AIT. Theres also a pre Airborne course to make sure you can hack the school itself. I know active duty goes through it but Im not sure about Reserves but Im willing to bet you will. When I went through AIT we did 2 jumps so you have to be Airborne qualified before you can jump. Our first jump was with a chute we packed and the second was a tail gate C-130. Depending on when you go you may be learning to pack the new T-11.
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I am currently serving active as a rigger. When we graduated basic we went to a three week smoke session known as AOC Airborne Orientation Course. This has since been relocated to Ft JAckson and it has been deemed possible to test out of the course and accelerate your training time. You will proceed to Airborne school and then on to AIT. We went to school with reservists and national guard alike. school is ten weeks long. 3 weeks per section and a one week field exercise unrelated to MOS. Dunno what you'll be doing during drill weekend as each reserve unit is different. Some have all three sections and some have only one.
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