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K-9 MP?

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I'm currently a 25C (SPC), just entered my window and I'm looking to re-class. My unit also just deployed to Kuwait. Before we got on the place, there was a K-9 MP that was inspecting our bags and everything... And I started talking to him about re-classing to a K-9 MP. He told me that sometime in the near future, that it will be an MOS. Currently however, I'd have to become an MP and then request the school. I love being around dogs and would love to do it for a living. Just wanting to know if what I heard as correct. Or just any information about it at all would be sweet. Thanks

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You need to see your servicing Career Counselor to see if you qualify for MP, since you just arrived in theater; you may have to wait until you get closer to your redeployment date for a training seat if qualifed. Once in the MOS you'll have to serve as an MP and then drop a 4187 requesting K-9 school. I have not read anything about this becoming an MOS in any MOS updates.
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Something to keep in mind though, generally MP's only get K-9 when they re-enlist. It is very rare for someone to get approved for K-9 school by way of a 4187.
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I am currently a 31B with the Z6 ASI, unfortunately when you re-enlist for Z6 it only gurantees the school not the position. So keep that in mind. Searching for the answer about Z6 becoming its own MOS is actually what brought me to this site and yes the rumor is true. However, there is no timeline set and to give you an idea they have been talking about making Z6 its own MOS for the last 5-6 years to the best of my knowledge. BG Johnson (MP Commondant) actually just came to the K9 School and was talking to us about it, but they do not have a definate timeline. Goodluck with getting the school, and then even better luck with getting a dog!
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unfortunately when you re-enlist for Z6 it only gurantees the school not the position.

Very true... It took 8 months for me to get to a kennels once out of school.

I got a large email outlining the new 31K MOS about 6 months ago, And GiZach in right on that too, there's really no timeline for it and its allegedly 5 years away. But it looks like a good plan, and it will open A LOT of opportunities for soldiers to keep their careers on the up and up, and to not get stuck in the infamous "K9 rut". It calls for a more standardized spread of handlers and dogs for every post, and standardizes the ranks and team structure. If you don't understand what I mean, I'll give you an example: My kennels currently has an E7, six E6's, 3 E5's, and a SPC. Waaaayy to rank heavy. It will also standardize the types of MWD's at every post. Every installation will have Explosive/Patrol, Narcotics/Patrol, Speacialized Search, Combat Tracker, and Mine Detection dogs. There will be K-9 1SG's and SGM's. Its very structured.... keep an eye out.

As for reclassing... Once you reclass to MP, you typically have to spend a year working as a regular 31B before you are allowed to move on to a section. that doesn't always happen, but I believe its better to get a feel for the basics of your primary job before you go do special things.

And as for being a MWD handler... it's easily the best job in the Army. I get to play with dogs all day long... it doesn't get any better than that!!


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I truly want to become a MWD handler ( not sure what kind of dog I want to have though )

First a quick history. 29 years old
So, I am currently in Afghan and my window opens up in Jan to reclass and sign my wife (cough) life away for another 4 to 6 years.
1)My rank will be Specialist when I go to re-up.

2)I am a 68T (animal care specialist, AKA vet Tech). All you handlers know and love us because we are the ones that explain in English to you what the Vet is "trying" to tell you about your dog and how to make him/her better.

3)I Do not have a SecretSC and have applied for one 3 times (I owe around 10k to Uncle Sam but will have it paid off upon return from deployment). I also have a few small record ( couple fo bad checks and a possession (Marj. Less then 1 gram). No felonies. No record after enlistment and all previous were aleast 3 or 4 years prior. These are some of the main things that scare me about getting approval on my MOS change to 31B. any suggestions on this would be much appreciated.

4)I do have a current US DL

5)My ASVAB scores are GT-125, ADMIN-127, CMBT-131, ELEC-130, FA-131, MECH-131, FOOD-131, COMMO-129, MAINT-131, and TECH-130. Hope this is high enough. Kinda took it 10years after my last time in school prior to enlisting.

6)I score around 265 to 290 on all of my PT tests

7) sharpshooter, 31 to 34 consitantly on the range.

Now to the personal opinion part of the "Wall of Text".
I raised and bread Working Dogs (Rough Haired tricolor Collies) for cattle and loved it as a child growing up. I currently have a Border Collie and St. Bernard and they are pretty much push button dogs. I like to think that I have a natural ability to connect with dogs and understand what is going through their heads (I want to play, I am sleepy, hungry, pay me, losing motivation/bored Etc.) I love the time I get to spend with the Handlers and Dogs. It makes my Job one of the best in the Army by far. the problem is that I don't get to do what I really love. That being, working with the dogs. I only get to fix them and play with them or wear a bite suit and do some training if I am lucky (bite work,scouting,escort,Etc). On the really fun days, I get to go do a kennel inspection! YEA!!!! /cry. So I am going to put in for a reclass to 31B and pray that when I get to my unit I will get picked up for LAFB MWD Handler school. I am getting a recommendation from the Kennel Master (Air Force Tech Sgt) here ,along with the Certification for not being a panzy in the bite suit (can't remember what it is called) and am thinking of asking for a second from the One back at Campbell. I am hoping that this along with my Tango background will be enough to propel me to the top of the list when I get to my unit after AIT.

I did some research on becoming a Handler in the regs, trying to find anyway to get the school in my contract before going to AIT and it just isn't possible (cry). I am keeping my retention NCO up to date on everything I am researching and hoping everything will work out to my advantage, but I know the army can hose people pretty bad when they become single minded and finally know what they want.

To The Question/Questions!!!! Finally!!!
1) How hard is it going to be to get past the Security issue? (if I can't get past that then my hope are pretty much dashed before I even start (on knees praying to God) And what can I do to help this matter out?
2)I read that most 31Bs go strait to a TOE Unit. Would this screw my chances at the school before deployment? Not to mention this would piss my Wife off something terrible (Seeing as though it will be 2 years deployed and only 3 years married and we have a infant daughter.)
3)What can I do to prepare for 31B training to be at the top of my class?
4)What can I do to train for Handler School? The idea that I could go down there and fail to Certify with my dog scares the crap out of me.

I am sorry this is so long and if you made it to the end I commend you!
Any advise and or help I would greatly appreciate! Cool

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Well apparently it has became a MOS because 31K-Working Dog Handler was just added to DA PAM 611-21 on october 7,2011. Kinda weird that an email wasn't sent out to all Z6 qualified personnel just yet. Here is the link. Wondering if they prematurely put it on there.

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Here is an article that I found that may provide a lil bit of insight on when the 31K MOS might be opening up for reclass.
A great day fo r K9 co mmun ity
The much anticipated 31K Military Occupation Specialty
(MOS) was approved on August 30th, 2011. Selected
duties, functions, positions and personnel associated
with 31K will transfer from existing 31B Z6 Military Police
and 12B K9 Engineer positions. Activation of 31K will be in
April of 2013 to allow the reclassification from the current K9
MOSs. In the interim, Soldiers who wish to voluntarily transition
to 31K will be identified with Additional Skill Identifiers
(ASI) Y2 and Y3. These ASIs will assist in identifying training
requirements for the Military Working Dog (MWD) Advanced
Individual Training (AIT) course at Fort Leonard Wood. The
MOS will be effective on October 1st, 2013 for assessing new
New recruits will be trained at the MWD Handler’s Course
at Lackland Air Force Base to handle Patrol Explosive Detector
Dogs (PEDD) and Patrol Narcotic Detector Dogs (PNDD).
Upon successful completion of the handler’s course, Soldiers
will attend AIT at Fort Leonard Wood. As they progress
through their career and gain experience they will be selected to
attend additional training to handle the Specialized Search Dog
(SSD) or Mine Detection Dog (MDD). Those Soldiers handling
either SSD or MDD will be managed by ASIs Z7 and K9.
The Critical Task Selection Board was held on Fort Leonard
Wood in September 2011 which identified and developed the
implementations of future 31K Advanced Leaders Course, Senior
Leaders Course and the MWD AIT course. Courses will
further professionalize the MOS by concentrating on both MP
and MWD related tasks.
Future MWD structure will provide a more modular force
that can better support the needs of the Warfighter. MWD
organizations will consist of an MWD Detachment Headquarters,
MWD Squad(s), MDD Squad(s), and PNDD Squad(s).
The Detachment will consist of a Detachment Sergeant, Plans
NCO and an Animal Care Specialist that will provide command
and control as well as technical oversight of MWD assets.
They will oversee daily training and utilization, and provide immediate
medical care to a MWD. The MWD Squad, which
will consist of four SSD Teams and two PEDD Teams, will provide
commanders with a mix of capabilities for explosive detection
on and off-leash. The MDD Squad, which will consist
of six MDD Teams, will provide commanders with an explosive
detection capability below surface on-leash. The PNDD
Squad, consisting of three PNDD Teams, will provide commanders
with a narcotic detection capability. Proposed structure
will allow MWD teams to deploy as squads rather than
on individual augmentee orders. The implementation of the
new MWD MOS will ensure the availability of MWD assets
to commanders and further enhance the Military Police Corps
warfighting functions.
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