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Is this the end?

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I am a 68W, currently stationed at TAMC. I PCS'd here last January. I was looking to submit a packet to pick up M6. However, M6 became 68C. I asked about submitting a 4187 to go 68C and was told that even if it got accepted, that I wouldn't be able to go to school until I DEROS in 2016, because the hospital probably wouldn't pay to send me to school. My problem here is that due to the new RCP, 2016 will be my 8th year in, and I am a SPC. I would like to think that I am a realist, so attaining 798 points to get promoted is not possible. Now we are overstrength in this MOS. I love being in the Army and would like to keep myself on AD. Do I have to re-enlist to pick up a STAR MOS, that would make it possible to get an automatic promotion to E5? I am going to the promotion board and WLC in the next few months. I am starting my 6th year in April. One of my biggest issues is the Retention NCO here. He isn't very convincing when giving answers, making it seem that he would rather tell me whatever, instead of helping me. I am going to attempt to sit down and pick his brain again since it has been a few months, but I don't expect different results. Do any of you have any advice? I have just shy of 2 years left here in Hawaii. I am also pretty sure that my window for re-up should open next year. If that is the case, I may be able to re-up for a STAR. I just don't want to get lost in the ether... Thank you.
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First I will say what many others on this website are probably already thinking while reading your post: Talk to a badged career counselor, not the retention NCO. Whatever you find out, I recommend you submit the 4187 for MOS retraining regardless as it has to go to DA anyway. I'm not sure but I think your unit would not pay for MOS retraining.
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Points aren't ALWAYS 798 for a 68W, just because they have been for a couple 2 to 3 months does not mean you are doomed.

Talk to SFC Halfred on floor G1 in PRMC re-enlistment next to the Morgue (weird place to have it I know). What he tells you is reality. The guy knows his stuff. Weather you want to believe it or not.
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This is a shame people dont take care of their Soldiers anymore. I went through a similar situation so I know your frustration this is what I believe you should do. In my experience even when dealing with career counselors you need to make it as easy as possible on them. So I would go to they have all the resources you need first print out your in/out call. I have looked already and your current mos has an out call of yes and 68C has an IN call of yes. Then go to the MOS Book look under qualifications for 68C if you meet the qualifications print out supporting documents showing you qualify as well as the page from the MOS book showing what the qualifications are. Attach these documents to your packet and lastly fill out a 4187 requesting reclassification and submit it through your chain along with all the other documents. Once your Commander has signed the 4187 take EVERYTHING to your Career Counselour this way he has everything he needs in front of him he doesnt have to look anything up just review and submit. If you get accepted big Army will pay for your schooling. If you have any more questions leave me a message on here I will try and help you out as much as I can
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