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Battle Hymn of the Engineers

Does anyone know the complete version of the Battle Hymn of the Engineers cadence? I've heard different versions, but they might have just been different parts.
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Not sure if this helps, but this is what is listed on this site in the cadence section.

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I found this, only its called "The engineer song". Don't know if it's the one you want, but here you go.

We are, we are, we are, we are, we are the Engineers.
We can, we can, we can, we can demolish forty beers.
So come, so come, so come, so come, so come along with us,
for we don't give a damn for any old man who don't give a damn for us.

Godiva was a lady who through Coventry did ride,
a'showing all the villagers her lovely lily-white hide.
But the most observant villager, an Engineer of course,
was the only one who noticed that Godiva rode a horse.
I've come a long, long way she said and I would go as far
for the man who'd take me off my horse and lead me to the bar.
And the man who took her off her steed and led her to her beer
was a blurry eyed surveyor and a drunken Engineer.


The Engineers of Peter The Great, who was a Russian Czar,
While remodeling the palace, put a throne room in the bar.
He lined the walls with vodka, rum, and 40 kinds of beer, and
Advanced the Russian culture by one hundred and seven years.


We did a piss-poor job on the timber trestle bridge.
We lost the fourth platoon out a'fighting on the ridge.
We zeroed in our rifles with precision and with care,
but when we fired for record Maggie's drawers were in the air.


An Engineer and his lady were spooning in the park.
The Engineer and his lady were spooning in the dark.
His scientific manner was a wonder to behold
for his left hand took the readings while his right hand turned the knobs.


Venus was a lady made of entirely of stone,
There's not a fig leaf on her. She's as naked as a bone.
On seeing her misfortune an Engineer discoursed,
She's a broken hunk of concrete and she should be reinforced.


The Engineers and the Infantry were downing a gallon can.
The Infantry said to the Engineers, "Out-drink us if you can."
The Infantry took three drinks and died, their faces a ghastly green.
But the Engineers kept drinking, it was only gasoline.


My father was a miner on the Upper Malamute.
My mother was a hostess in a house of ill repute.
My brothers all were fairies and my sisters all were queers.
So I told them all to go to hell and I joined the Engineers.

The real hero is the man who fights even though he is scared. General Patton
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Thanks! I was wanting to get that, but you know people only know some passages.
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Hey there people, i was wondering if anyone knew where i'd be able to get that song, i have a bro that's an engineer and he wants that song so i thought i'd do him a favor and get it for him, we can't seem to find it anywhere. Eeerrr, make that he's a Combat Engineer, my bad, hehe
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