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Route Recon

Looking for ideas to conduct a route recon class. Any help?

SSG Marcus Jones
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Wish I could help ya out but I don't have anything.
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I suggest having many types of hands-on training aides. Take the students on a 'recon' of an area by you and point out things they need to look for/ keep in mind. i.e. terrain, the weather, traffic patterns, COBs, routes to get to desired area, 'back-doors', etc. It isn't always possible to go out in person for a recon, so also have a few maps or areas and have them go over map reading and interpretation. Any monkey can find a few grid points, but it takes pratice to understand and visualize what the pretty lines mean in terms of movement and mission. Have a sand table available, or little green army men, chess pieces, or scraps to lay-out an idea of the route. I suggest giving the students all aspects that you can of route recon, hands-on and lecture including past historical references of good & bad, etc. I would love to know what you ultimately decided on. Hope this helps.

Go Kinetic!
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FM 5-36, Route Reconnaissance and Clearance
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