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I got a question I have been DA Selected to go to ALC in March now my unit wants me to call the school and push the date to a later date, so I can go NTC with the unit. When I call the school house they informed me that if I change the date I would be put at the bottom of the list. Is there anyway I can guarantee I go to school in march?
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You can guarantee the school by preparing for it as normal. Your unit needs to realize that NOBODY f$%ks with an NCOES and lives to tell the tale. Back in 2011, my unit in Korea tried to schedule stuff around my ALC timeline....some young lietenant. Well he learned real quick about the consequences of screwing around with an NCO's NCOES and yada yada yada, I made it to my class "on time". They can and will make due "without" you at NTC while you work on enhancing your Army career.

Sounds to me like you need to get some people in higher places involved in this if you're looking to keep your date as is....

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If your unit wants you to go to NTC, you will likely go to NTC, because contrary to popular belief, it simply takes a call from your CSM to pull you from ALC. If you're not a SSG yet, I wouldn't sweat it too much, unless of course you need ALC to make SSG. Outside of that, it becomes most important when your time comes to get looked at for SFC.
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DA selected for ALC? Is this something different? I thought when you are eligible, your CoC starts the process. I never heard of a student calling the school.

When I went to BNCOC/ALC, I took my completed packet to G3 schools at Division and they handled it from there.
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