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I recently got back from Korea and have until May 13 2013 before I ETS. (Not counting the 55 days for terminal leave I have) My unit just announced that we are going to deploy in April or May of 2013 and that my name was on the list to go. I talked to my 1SG and he said that the company is not going to stop loss me but the BN might try. My question at this point is; isn't stop loss non existant? I looked up Milper Message 11-004 (AA STOPLOSS/STOP MOVEMENT PROGRAM FOR UNITS SCHEDULED TO DEPLOY OCONUS...) and Milper Message 12-158 (Enlisted Involuntary Early Seperation Program) and saw nothing that says Stop Loss is still in affect. I only read that since I dont have at least 6 months to deploy with my unit that I will either ETS normally or be Seperated Early. What should I do? Should I continue to push the issue or trust that someone will read these Milpers?

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