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Ets after Deployment

I am currently deployed right now and will be until the middle of October. My unit is sending guys home early whose ets date doesn't leave them without the necessary 90 days. My Ets date is 1Feb2012 so my unit doesn't need to send me home early. My psg asked me last night if I planned on reenlisting and I said no I want to go to college. I have 67 days of terminal leave saved up so I will be able to get out of the army come November and start the January semester as planned. My unit is now under the impression I have to be sent home a month early, which I do no want to do, because of this. I don't believe that is correct because my ets date doesn't get changed so I still technically have 90 days to clear. I have tried to find the reg on this all day but can not, if anyone can help point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.
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You have to have enough time at home station to ACAP and clear BEFORE your terminal leave starts. The time that you're on Terminal Leave is assuming that you're already out and done with the Army. Can't have your cake and eat it too-

You COULD start your Terminal Leave later, the Army might "buy" the leave days back. You really can't do any duties while on TL. You could even be going to school, or in one case, I had a guy that was on Terminal Leave get a contracting job and return to Iraq. Still on TL.

Tell them what date you want to return to homestation and see if they can work something around that.

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Do. You not want to ACAP? ETS is not as "easy" as aPCS...

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