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Deployment and ETS

Howdy, I have a question. I will be deploying soon, and am curious on how my ETS will work. My ETS balance of leave is 58.5. I will be deployed until middle of NOV 2013. My ETS is MAR 12 2014. So the 58 days would put my terminal leave starting Jan 14 2013. I have heard that you are supposed to return 90 days before ETS. What about the terminal leave?

My thoughts are to come back from deployment, not take end of deployment leave, and out process during that time until my terminal leave starts. Is this a fair assumption, or is it required that I be back for 90 days before terminal leave, to make sure I dont have PTSD or some other ailment? Thanks.
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The stop movement policy explicitly says that the Soldier be returned 90 days from their ETS.
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The unit that replaced mine downrange sent a soldier back after 6 months so he could have his 90 days to ETS. When we asked why he was sent on deployment in the first place, we were told that the unit tried to pressure him into a 1 year extension to cover the deployment, when he refused to volunteer for that, they deployed him anyway for 6 of the 12 months. So yes, you will get sent back in time for the 90 day window.
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