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awards and article 15

It is my understanding that a recommedation for an award has to go to the specific level of the reviewer ie. a recommendation for MSM has to go to the ESC level and can not be reviewed at the BDE level. However, the direct command can make a recomendation to the reviewer on whether the soldier should receive such an award being recommended for? True/not? 2) If a soldier receives an article 15 at MOB site (MOB site gives the article 15 not the direct command because they were already down range)article 15 had nothing to do with the deployment or job performance in country, soldier completed punishment and was not flagged. Can the command, 1. not send the award to the appropriate level of reviewer? 2. can the article 15 have or directly downgrade the award even though no policy posted and soldier not flagged? and if the command did use the fact that the soldier received an article 15 at MOB site to automatically down grade the award is that an IG complaint?
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Unless the General is recommending the award, the Commanders DO and SHOULD review it. In fact, if you look at the back of the award recommendation, it has blocks for different levels of Command to review and comment. Then the award authority can accept the award as written, or up- or down-grade it.

Depends on what the award is for whether an Art15 "should" affect it or not. For instance, a PCS award could definitely be downgraded if the Soldier got an Art15 during the tour (or deployment).

Go read the awards reg-

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Your award can definatly be affected by an ART15. Our Battalion just put out, that if you receive UCMJ, then you arent going to be leaving theater with nothing more than a COA. It is all up to the COC.
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