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FEMALES: BCT Packing List

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What is this stress card stuff? Cell phones? I plan on shipping out this fall, and I have never heard of being able to bring a cell phone, yet if you youtube you get a lot of videos from cell phones at bct? since when are you allowed to keep them past shakedown? and cameras too? never heard of such.
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Hey ladies! I'm leaving for basic on April 7th to Fort Jackson, very scared bc I'm leaving my one year old daughter for 2 months..but its worth it to know she'll be taken care of for the next 4 (or more) years.
SO here's a list I've compiled for when I leave, I should put in here that my recruiter sucked horribly, so I have NO IDEA what to expect, although that might be the best way to go in, so I don't show up and my expectations are completely wrong..but anyways, here's my list:
Pack of white (bikini cut, no grannys for me) undies
2 pair white sports bras
1 regular bra (not white, its gray/with a lil pink, im a bit chas strapped so I can really buy another one)
white ankle cut socks (do we need higher cut ones)
hair brush
pony tails
bobby pins
(umm..are contacts allowed? might be a stupid question but even my recruiter didnt have a 100% answer)
dental floss
black watch
combination lock (dont wanna hassle with keys)
envelopes and paper
black pen
blakc sharpy
...and it might be late but i cant think of anything else

could anyone tell me what i might be forgetting, what could be useful to already have prepared. i was told i could only bring the army backpack i got at MEPS, and everything should fit in it. not too sure what im gonna wear there, probably just jeans, a tee, and i havent decided on the shoes. its a choice between my nike air max 360's (for comfort, but they might be a hassle down the road) or some regular flats (for less stress)..
also, my hair has LOTS of strays going all over the place, i used to play soccer, and i would wear the athletic wrapping tape in the my hair (not the sticky kind, the soft stuff they put on before the sticky tape), but i was told this wasn't this true? if so i suppose ill go with gel..also, i already basically have callouses on my feet from playing soccer all my life (and coming from the tx country), so should i worry about blisters? they might be an inevitability, but like i said before, im too broke right now to buy moleskin for nay blisters...well thanks ladies for your info and advice, glad to hear back from you
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Originally posted by Mamasoldier:
1. white ankle cut socks (do we need higher cut ones)

2. pony tails

3. (umm..are contacts allowed? might be a stupid question but even my recruiter didnt have a 100% answer)

4. excedrin

1. They have to go an inch above your ankle. No worries though, they will give you all the clothing you need.

2. Make sure it matches your hair color.

3. You can take them if you want but unless things have changed, you won't be able to wear them. They will give you an eye exam when you get there and issue you some butt ass ugly glasses.

4. Drugs are usually a no go, even if over the counter. Maybe there are exceptions for women because of their....woman issues. I doubt it though.

These were the only ones that really stuck out to me. They will give you everything you NEED while you are there.

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Also I'll note that you can take anything you pretty much want (as long as it's nothing illegal). Just don't expect to be keeping it.

To the OP. I couldn't tell you anything about the "stress cards" in use today. I know they have been experimental and used on and off in recent times (starting in Vietnam era but made known during the Clinton years).

Cell phones....probably not.

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Do the bras need to be a specific color? I am light olive skinned, and have never seen sports bras close to my skin color. Can they be black, or do they need to be white? Also most sports bras will get destroyed in the clothes dryer and are supposed to be hang dried, but I doubt this is possible. How do you deal with this?

Also wondering about getting my period during basic. I've been told not to expect bathroom breaks more than a couple of times per day. Those of you who have finished basic, how has this worked out for you?
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I went through BCT many moons ago so alot has changed but try going to this link:

You can also google the BCT installation you are going to and see if there more up to date info.

Good luck!
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AR 670-1 states, "Description. Brassieres and underpants may be of a commercial design, in white, black, or other neutral colors
that are not readily apparent when worn under the uniform. The category of brassieres also includes sports bras."

They didn't make a big deal out of it when I went to BCT (3 years ago). Obviously, don't show up with blue or green colors or something crazy. You don't want to draw negative attention to yourself.

Future Soldiers .com ( packing list also specifically states black, white, or neutral.

I didn't have any bras destroyed in 2 months time. I won't lie, I still put my sports bras through the dryer. If you're really dedicated, you can hang the bras up in your wall locker at night to dry and remove them in the morning before Drill Sergeant comes through. You will get chances at AIT to buy new clothing.

If you even get your period during BCT (it is common to skip it or get off cycle due to the stress and physical requirements you are going to go through) then don't worry. Plenty of the soldiers and DSs are females-they know how to handle it. You will be required to have feminine hygiene items on you at all times. I can't recall ever being to a training site where there were no bathrooms/port o johns available. Worst case, you will grab a battle buddy and head off into the woods for some privacy. Just stay prepared.
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I have never destroyed a sports bra in the dryer, either. If one does happen to fall apart, you should be able to go to the PX to get another one.

But to echo the others, any neutral color will be fine.
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