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wet dream

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I've been meaning to ask my recruiter this, but it's embarrassing so I can't really bring my self to do it.

Basic is just about nine weeks. If I go nine weeks without... relieving myself, I'm going to have a wet dream. Is there gonna be a way to discretely take care of my needs, or is everyone going to end up having to deal with wet sheets at some point?
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Im not trying to give out advice or anything...but from my experience at BCT..I had heard "Rumors" of a chemical of sort thats put in the food that makes you not have an erection through out your Basic Training...I know this is probably innapropriate but, I used to wake up everyday with "Morning Wood" before Basic and then a couple of days of eating the food. It just stopped happening. Now I had some pretty good looking female soldiers in my unit. And I even had several dreams about doing things with them. But, I never had any "wood" so to speak. I'll will be honest, I thought this was strange for me, because I'm a very active male and I love women, I even tried to get "wood". I could never make it happen and believe me I tried. So I just don't think your gonna have a problem with it. I'm sorry if I offended anyone on this subject. THis is my opinion on the matter. Now if you start to get aroused in the showers...then you may have a problem on a whole nother level.
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I am no way the best person to answer this, but this reminded me of this post in the Stars and Stripes:
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Ok, I'm going to keep this clean. Back when I was in basic we use to have to tow the line each morning so the drill sergeants can get accountability, and one morning the drill sergeant came in yelling to wake us up a bit earlier then usual, and it scared the living day lights out of me, and I towed the line, not realizing that I had a "woody" tell I looked down, and quickly tucked away. So whatever "food" that they have there show didn't work for me. but it is a natural thing, I suggest just wake up earlier to avoid the unexpected wake up call. I never had any wet dreams myself while in basic, but I guess everybody is different.
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There have been millions of men to go through BCT. The vast majority of trainees had (and have) a sex drive. Erections, wet dreams, etc. all have happened countless times before, and will for the foreseeable future.

You'll be in a large room with a bunch of other men, most (if not all) who also will be in the same boat. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Don't worry about it.

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Something to keep in mind is that you will be working out every day during PT and running/jogging to the different training sessions. When we (men) work out we burn testosterone (which is the major influence in our sex drive). Most people do not realize this but if you have ever worked out for long periods of time (several weeks) you do not get "aroused" as often as you usually do. Something you could try doing is working out several weeks before basic (which hopefully you will anyway to try to get ahead of the game a bit) and you will see what I mean.
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I agree with PFCTipton hahahaha, i dont know if its the food or the work out like the last guy said but yeah there was no "problems with that while I was there....

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Hahaha so glad I'm not a guy. Like one of the other guys said, you're not going to be the lone ranger, all the guys are going to be in the same boat as you, you'll be okay.
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Always the 'after lights out latrine visit'.

Just don't get caught or you'll never hear the end of it, haha
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Originally posted by LBeezy:
Always the 'after lights out latrine visit'.

Just don't get caught or you'll never hear the end of it, haha

I used to do that every now and then, lol

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The "chemical" you are talking about is saltpeter, and it's an urban legend.

What 11BravoWarrior said is true, they will keep you busy and active enough you won't have time to think about it. And if you do, you won't be the only one ... don't worry about it.

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Okay you will really only need to do this two or three times while you are in basic but just go to the bathroom after a fire guard shift and take care of business. If you hear someone coming in pretend to be going #2. We had one guy try to go to sick call because his were swollen and we had the pleasure of our foxy female drill sergeant ordering us to take care of the problem two or three times before going to sick call for it. Oh and don't leave any jellyfish in the showers. They're bad enough as it is.
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If you want to 'relieve' yourself just go in the bathroom stall and do it.

I'm not sure why everybody is beating around the bush here. Everybody 'relieves' themselves and after awhile it just becomes normal.

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I found a tons of basic videos in youtube. When i see how it is done in real it is easyer in practics.

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