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Women hair cuts for basic

Can anyone tell me what they reccomend i do with my hair or what do most girls do? Cut it really short or just tie it back in a bun. Thanks for your help.
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i cut all of mine off but later regretted it..... I looked like #*@# with short hair and took me this long to get it to grow out again. I think it would be best to keep it tied back in a bun. It really wasnt' that much easier to handle with the short hair, you just had to worry about your bun falling down during training
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i wouldnt cut it off, i too cut mine off and so regretted it... i didnt cut mine off for the army but when i got to my duty station i had to wear i beret and was trying to grow it out and it was awful!!!! Dont cut it off because you're going to basic, you dont need to...
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Do, however, get real good with it Big Grin hairspray and gel draw bugs, so if it isn't long enough to pull into a tight, neat "ballet bun" (I danced long before I joined the Army) learn how to use french barrets or hair clips. Not claws! those *hurt* under a kevlar. Remember...above the bottom of your collar, out of your face, above your eyebrows. They're right, I miss my hair too :cry:
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I just ended up braiding mine and rolling it in a bun. Then I used a ton of bobby pins to hold it in place. I worked pretty good, surprisingly.
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I have long hair..well, only to the center of my back, and I didn't cut it before I went ( my husband would've killed me) and it wasn't that big of a deal. The first two weeks, I just put it up in the morning for PT ( of course while doing PT is kind of fell, but my DS's understood and didn't give me too much grief, but after PT I wet my hair and put it up, it lasted all day, no matter what the training was. I never used hairspray or gel or anything like that. I went to AIT with someone whose hair was down past her butt and she kept it in a bun all the time. I recommend using ouchless hairties and buying at least two packs of them. They tend to stretch out after a while. Not to mention, on Sundays (usually the relaxing day) you can get some of the females to braid your hair or something, there will be at least one girl there who can do hair.....I had 5 in my platoon alone. Just a few suggestions.
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