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Female Hair?

Alright, so i leave for BCT in a couple days. Basically, I'm torn between trying to put up with my hair and doing the bun thing or just hacking it off so it's easy to deal with it. It's thick and frizzy, so there's going to be the issue of dealing with it regardless. anyone else have this debate/what did you wind up doing?
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I've been thinking about the same thing and searched for blogs about women's experiences at Basics...They all said that the women that kept their hair long and put it in a bun ended up with mold in their hair from the moisture of showering and having to put it in a bun before it was dry...I am just going to get it cut (even though I hate short hair) so it will be easier.
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Oh GOD Ratties please don't believe in that one. Mold takes a while to grow, so that one is really just a lack of personal hygiene. It is prolly just justification for some girls to get that GOD awful female security guard bull dyke haircut, when that person hasn't came out of the closet yet. Not saying this is you, but I am serious here, one of the greatest strengths a female has is their female sexuality. When a lady chops off their hair and gets that terrible stereotype cut....ewww. I don't even think other bull dykes like to look at that. LOL. If this really is a problem you will be able to cut your hair at basic training, but you aren't even in yet. Imagine if the waiver doesn't go through and your stuck with about 7 months at least of bad hair.
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Hey did you call your recruiter today?
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If you have long hair, don't cut it! It is so much more difficult to deal with short hair that you can't just pull back. A ponytail/bun is so much easier! You can't pull short hair back, ponytails aren't allowed, you have to at least have the ends folded back under.

If you get there and hate it, you will have a chance to cut it.

And yes, if you do put your hair up wet, it does get that moldy smell quickly. Try to wash your hair at night if you can so it has a chance to dry.
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Yeah I am waiting to hear about the waiver before I do anything, my recruiters still haven't heard anything...I'm not really good at putting my hair in a bun, it always falls out, lol...I'm used to just brushing it and leaving it down
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Though I am male, I have had female soldiers before (and went through OSUT with a bunch of them) and here are somethings I've learned from the fairer sex.

You will have a chance to get better at putting your hair in a bun. If anything else, ask a few of your female battle buddies to teach you a better method when you get there (you can do this know as well).

Also, I can't remember if they let you, but if you can corn roll your hair it is 1000 times to easier to deal with, especially when shooting.
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I went to Basic in 2004 and had long hair. They are a little less strict about your hair standards in BCT. They know that you are running around that it's difficult to keep it perfect. I did not know how to do a bun in my hair either when I went to Basic, and I just kind of tossed it up in a knot and no one ever said anything about it. Also, we showered at night at BCT, so I did not have the moldy hair issue either...and being active duty, I shower every morning and my hair is up all day, still wet when I take it down at night, and it has never molded. I think that's probably something extreme that would happen over a lot longer time than a day. What I do with my hair, which is almost down to my butt, is put it in a pony tail. Then I braid it, and twist the braid around the pony tail holder Then I put two more over the bun, to hold it tight, and it stays like that all day.
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leave your hair long for these 3 reasons

1 hair does not grow fast and is not easy or cheap to fix.

2 you can cornrow or bun

3 there are no hair salons in basic... there is no way you can maintain your hair short.

In basic, you are training. Just keep your hair simple. Put it in a ponytail and then twirl it in the same direction a few times and put a ponytail holder around it.
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The bun thing seems to work better for most female Soldiers I talked to.

Do you want to know what Army Basic Training and Army Life is "really" like?
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I can say from personal experience; DONT CUT IT! I cut my hair short before because I saw a style I liked. I got to basic and i couldn't keep it controlled. I tried cutting it shorter hoping that would help and it didn't. I ended up using hair glue to deal with it, and constantly got yelled at for it. I totally regretted it, and the damage using so much hair glue did to my hair was hell. To make matters worse, I am small chested so I looked like a fragile boy....That worked out soooo welll (sarcasm!)
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