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RBI Clearance

Does anybody know or going through the same process as I do? I spoke with SFC Walls from HRC to get an update on my RBI clearance and he said their office has not anything returned back since April 2013? He submitted my AGR packet the beginning of this month. So it has been 3 weeks going on 4 weeks so far. Does anyone else has the same issue? Until then that is cleared, then he can't process my orders to school.

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Did you hear anything back yet? I seen a few conversations but wasn't sure if your questions were answered. Did your RBI come back yet? I hear that they try to give you want you want as far as assignment preferences. If they can't give you exactly they try to give you something close or in that region. I am a single parent also, if you have a good FCP you should be okay. Just need a waiver. Good Luck! Do you have a class date yet?
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I got mine back this past month. It took mine roughly 40 days to process and come back.
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