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Reconstructive Surgery

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Hey whats up guys, I recently enlisted in the Army NG and am currently waiting to go to BCT, last year I had an incident and had the top portion of my left ear bit off in a fight(Terrible right) whatever now there was no insurance that was going to cover this and I had assumed that getting some kind of prosthesis was just something I was going to have to pay for out-of-pocket but technically I'm still in the time range for Tri-Care to take care of it(Dec 31 of the following year) I'm shipping on August 26th and will be in basic for the deadline, i'm already in contact with the insurance people trying to see if something can be worked out but other than that I've been researching online and keep bringing up the fact that the army has plastic surgeons that do reconstructive work is there any way of trying to end up under one of their knives or how does the army handle that? Really any advice would be appreciated I'm just trying to get a better understanding of my available options I really appreciate any advice available.
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