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APFT and retiring?

A question: I am approaching retirement, and I was just informed that I WILL have to take the APFT even though I will start to clear 1 week after the scheduled APFT. Any comments on this? Not trying to sham, but wow, kinda kicks you after 21 years and 4 deployments.
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Sounds jacked up b/c you are so close to retiring is pretty much pointless for you to take an APFT, but the Commander can make you take one at any time.

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My unit is making me do the same thing. Here's what they say, "You are still drawing a paycheck right?"

Can't really argue with that. But what really can they do to you if you fail it?

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Do the minimum and knock it out man
that's all i got to say

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When a soldier ir retiring, the last year or so that soldier is given time to adjust/decompress from the army life. The reason a soldier historically does not take the APFT or do PT after their physical is the army does NOT want to increase their liabilities/injured retirees, or face the fact, after 20 years serving, chances are you want to focus on your resume, interviews, etc. By making you tak an APFT, you increase the chances of that soldier failing and getting FLAGGED, then you may be denied PTDY, Terminal Leave and even retirement which is a favorable action. An APFT is good for one year, and if you have one, then your unit 99.5% of the time will say: GOOD JOB, GOD SPEED, and thats all there is. But I guess the rapid promotions don't allow for traditions to remain. This is an intersting topic, the dissapearance of "Good, solid Army Traditions".

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id find a way to get out of it, sounds like they have it out for you for some reason.

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