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BAH Fraud

An old battle buddy of mine is under investigation for BAH Fraud. The scenario is When she got stationed in Korea, She left her child in Phoenix, AZ but told the military her child was in San Diego, CA. CID has been trying to contact different people to verify where her child really was located.The child used tricare in the San Diego region and went to daycare full time will the investigators have access to those records. What kind of records will CID have access to? SHe has been flagged for the last 3 months. I want to know worse case scenario what could happen to her. TDS will not help her until she has charges pressed against her is what she told me.
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Yes, CID will have access to anything that has to do with military records, including the dependents. They are federal agents and can request a judge to release civilian records as well. If her case is founded, she will have to pay back all the money she collected on unauthorized BAH, she will have a federal record of fraud, and at the discretion of her Commander, she can be discharged from military. And because it will be a federal debt, even if she is out of military, she will still have to pay it back, DFAS will submit the debt request to IRS so she won't be able to skip the debt.
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I would imagine if she can produce some kind of documentation i.e. a utility bill, lease agreement, or perhaps the day care bill, showing that the child was in fact in San Diego, that would be sufficient to have the charges dropped. Just out of curiosity; how did she came up under investigation to begin with?
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