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How do I collect BAH?? I just got married...

My girlfriend and I just got married, and I am stationed in Korea. She does not live with me.

What forms do I need to fill out or what do I need to do to collect BAH?

What else do I need to do for her as far as getting here enrolled or signed up for the different benefits that dependents are entitled to?

So far the only thing I've done is get her an id card....

All you men/women that have experience with this, please help me...

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I normally don't like to say this, but why can't you go to your first line about this?

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BAH is while in CONUS. OHA is OCONUS and only if you live off-post.

Regardless, I believe you just need a DA Form 4187. Not sure though. Ask your PAC clerk, S1, or someone who is married in your unit and lives off base.

I live on on-post housing so I don't have to deal with the OHA. And since I was married before I arrived my wife was already in the system.

Make sure you bring her to DBIDS and get her registered that way she won't need 2-3 forms of ID to get on post and so your rations amount is increased. Also, while you bring her to DBIDS bring a copy of your marriage certificate to get her a rations card.

Enroll her in DEERS as well so she can then be enrolled in Tricare. After DEERS go to Tricare so you can start getting her medical started.

That's all I can remember at the moment.

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Supporting documents will probably include:
Marriage license
Rental agreement
Statement of non-availability from a local housing office

People to talk to:
Housing office
NCO support channel
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I understand that you are new to the Army, but if you do not exercise your proper use of the Chain of Command, then at some point you will get hung up for it. Keep your squad/team leader/Platoon SGT in the loop as one of them should help you to accomplish almost all of this.
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This depends on what Garrison's policy is for soldiers, for their respective ranks, staying off base is. 99% sure you are going to have to submit a 4187 requesting to reside off post and have it approved by the Garrison Commander since you are overseas. Without that, DFAS is not going to start OHA. However, if you do get approved, you'll receive OHA back pay for the time that wasn't compensated. I am guessing that she is Korean also. If not I can't imagine you are going to get approved if On-base housing is available. Since your concern is getting her benefits, that suggests she isn't a Soldier. Your main priority should be getting her enrolled in DEERS, getting her EFMP screening, and then getting her Command Sponsorship. Your S-1 will know what to do or will know who to pass the buck to. Also, if she is not a citizen, start the VISA process NOW!!!! You can PM if you want to know a little more, I had to do it in Japan.
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