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army chapter 8 pregnancy discharge

Does anyone know what happens when a female opts for a chapter 8 discharge? When does soldier have to make the decision? Does she get to choose what month she wants to get out? Is medical coverage taken care of for her/baby? If so, for how long? Also, if she is a combat veteran, is the baby covered on her 5years of medical full coverage? Any help would be great, just weighing my options. Thanks.
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When you notify your Commander that you are pregnant, s/he should counsel you on your available options at that time. I would highly suggest letting your chain of command know as soon as possible. It is not a quick process to chapter out for pregnancy, especially if you want to consider giving birth at someplace other than the military installation you are at. There are certain timelines in regards to travel etc that must be followed.
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Hi. I just got out on a Chapter 8 on 14 Dec 09. The length of time it takes for your discharge is really up to if your command does their job or not. I had a great command. I found out I was pregnant on 28 Aug and was out on the date that I requested of 14 Dec. Read the reg over and over and KNOW what you are entitled to.

1) You DO have the ability to change your mind on if you want out or not until 30 days prior to your EDD, but you have to be discharged before the baby is born, so if someone holds onto your paperwork or you deliver early, you're not going to get a chapter 8.
2) You get to pick your separation date, but approval is ultimately left up to the commmander. If you decide to stay in but then later change your mind,your separation date is up to the commander with guidance from a dr.
3)You do have medical coverage to cover only pregnancy related issues for you and the baby(6 week pp for baby) but ONLY at an MTF AND you have to get the MTFs approval. It is space available care only so if there is not a space for you then your care is not going to be covered.
4) Where are you getting the information about the 5 yrs of coverage after discharge for combat vets? I know you can PURCHASE additional coverage from Tricare, but it's $996 for an individual and $1993 for a family per quarter (3 months). Not cheap and definitely not free. I also know there is 6 months of care for combat vets separated involuntarily but chapter 8 is a voluntary discharge.
5) Any enlistment/reup bonus is due back to DFAS
6) You're still going to be in the IRR to fulfill your 8-yr commitment. Thankfully I have only 11 months left to complete mine.

Please contact me if you have any questions. I've read the reg a million times (2 PGncies in the Army, first I stayed in this I got chaptered).

I can tell you from personal experience it's difficult but definitely doable. I was 19weeks when I got discharged. I am currently 24weeks and I still haven't been able to get seen at an MTF (moved to Europe though so it's different) I go to the Naval hospital today to talk to the TriCare folks and give them my orders and DD214 to see if they can accomadate me. If not I'll be going onto the German health care systems (blah!).
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So I did a search and this is what I found:
Also, care is free for conditions related to military service, co-pays for everthing else are based on income. Contact them and find out details, there is the form to apply for benefits on the website.

Women Veterans
Women veterans are eligible for the same VA benefits as male veterans. Comprehensive health services are available to all women veterans including primary care, specialty care, mental health care and reproductive health care services.

VA provides management of acute and chronic illnesses, preventive care, contraceptive services, menopause management, Pap smears and mammography. Gynecology and maternity care are available and referrals are made to appropriate clinicians in the community for services that VA is unable to provide. In 1999, the uniform benefits package included a maternity care benefit for women veterans as well as infertility evaluation and limited treatment. Special initiatives include Women Veterans Comprehensive Health Centers and Clinical Programs of Excellence. For information, visit

VA health care professionals provide counseling and treatment to help veterans overcome psychological issues resulting from sexual trauma that occurred while serving on active duty, or active duty for training if service was in the National Guard or reserves. Veterans who are not otherwise eligible for VA health care may still receive these services. Appropriate services are provided for any injury, illness or psychological condition resulting from such trauma.

Women Veterans Program Managers are available at all VA facilities, See the facility locator at to help veterans seeking treatment and benefits. For additional information, visit
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Hello. As you probably know, maybe not, you are entitled to Military One Source service for 180 days past discharge. You may choose to contact them now for assistance in researching your questions. Best wishes.
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This is just a personal opinion but maybe you should have waited until you ful-filled your commitment to serve before you got pregnant. I am not going to say anything about shamming or anything else but you are trying to get the US Army to give you stuff for your child that is causing them to have someone retract on there obligation to the service. Get out and move on. I recommend doing research and figuring out how you can get these things without the army seeing as how you dont need it anymore.
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thanks all! you were all very helpful! Smiler(all but you ATC MNT MAN)
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Sorry, but children don't cause anything. What exactly is she trying to get the US Army to give her anyways? People really look down on a woman when she decides to put her child before "the Army". Aren't you glad that your own mother didn't put something in her own life before you? There are millions of people out there that could fill my slot in the military, I'm am the only person in the whole world that can fulfill my role as a mother in my daughter's and soon to be son's life. I cannot continue to put my children on the back burner of my life anymore and give them whatever of my time is left after 12hour shifts and interrupted days off. A safety poster in my BN HQ did it for me "Stay safe today because someone needs you tomorrow with a picture of a little boy staring at you. Sorry, no way I can deploy and chance leaving my kids motherless. Maybe if I was doing something that I felt was really "serving my country", but my life is not worth sitting in a trailer twiddling my thumbs for a year. During my last deployment our BN Cmdr acutally told my company there was no purpose for us being there, they were just not able to deploy one company from the BN but not the rest of them.

You will get people like this in your own unit that do not recognize the valuable role of a mother. Don't let them discourage you.
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I am not saying anything about you being a mother. I am saying that both of you have used that fact of becoming a mother to shrug off and disreguard that fact that you have made a commitment that you made to the US Army. This is nothing short of shamming out of your duty like anyone else. If you are not responsible enough to either ful-fill your commitment or have a child and still be able to be an effective soldier then I am glad that you will never be in a unit with me. I will continue to put you "soldiers" out of the army. Just always know that you didnt have the integrity to finish your commitment. As far as health insurance, I think you should be cut off as soon as you file chapter 8 because you are using it as a means to get out. You want out, get your own insurance. Quit begging for stuff you should not be entitled to like the rest of the army.
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Look not to be an instigator but really you should withhold comments like that from the public or only share them with your friends. Although there are females in the military that purposely get pregnant to get out, we should really be grateful because they are showing that they are not ready to finish however long their commitment may be. Honestly I’d rather not have someone fighting next to me whose mind is in an entire other world. I have served for seven years and been on two deployments for a total of 28 months and am now 6wks pregnant I am about to be 25 and my unit will be deploying again right around when I go into labor. Although I have the blessing of being with my child for at least six months before the possibility exists that I may have to deploy and I’d only be gone for six months, that means that even with giving the Army seven and a half years without any other priorities I would miss my Childs first step and first words among other things. It's not fair for you to make a statement like that so general, although when I give birth I will be just under a year out from my contract completion I will be at 8yrs so I am offended by your generalization without adequate knowledge.

Only God Can Judge Me
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First, I want to point out that this post is almost a year old.

Second, whatever your opinion is, the simple truth is that soldier pregnancy hurts Army readiness, plain and simple. But so do other things, like bieng overweight, drugs, injuries, etc. Your situation doesn't bother me because of your length of service, but there are many female soldiers who I believe to have abused the system. As a father, I count all children as blessings. I hope your pregnancy goes well. In some ways being in the Army and pregnant is very fortunate. Unlike the civilian world, you do not have to to take unpaid maternity leave and your health care is free. Good luck!
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By the time this argument was over with...This person had her baby...LMAO...
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Personally, I have given the Army two back to back deployments, countless weekends, and numerous 9pm nights. I am 18 weeks pregnant and I you better believe I am going to research EVERY SINGLE Benefit I can get from the Army, after all the crap I have given to Uncle Sam, I am taking everything I can. Not every female uses pregnancy to sham, it's part of human freaking nature, smartguy. Did you seriously think every female was going to wait until she retired to start a family? It takes a true ignorant bigot to generalize, categorize, judge, or criticize a female just for getting pregnant while serving. You should be ashamed.
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Why are you responding to a two year old post for?
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Because some people are new to the internet/forums and don't now how to read timestamps.
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