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Freeze on orders?

My husband is was told a month or so ago that his unaccompanied tour was going to be curtailed due to some medical issues that he has. This was because the medical where he is at feels that they are unable to help him and his issues need immediate attention in order for him to get better. His 1st Sgt talked to him and said that they are just waiting on his orders. Paperwork states that this was approved on Feb 5. However he has not received any orders as of yet. Just this weekend I was told that nobody will be receiving PCS orders due to the military budget not being approved, they are all on a freeze... possibly until October. How accurate is this information? I take rumors like this with a grain of salt, however I do understand the situation with the budget. So, I was unsure if this was actually true. If anyone could shed some light on this for me it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone has experienced a curtailment to a tour.... how long did this process take until you actually received orders. I have been very curious as I would like to prepare as much as possible since I have two children in school as well as very involved in sports that I would be paying for in the near future. I would hate to pay all that money for their sports and then find out at the last minute that they will not be here to participate. Thank you in advance.
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I just received my orders today to PCS in May, so I dont think there is currently any freeze.
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Just another rumor. My family is PCSing in April, our next door neighbors are PCSing in May & my brother in law has orders for August.

Now your husband specifically could be part of a unit that is fenced in. Have him check his ASK to see if it says he is. Or have him call Branch to find out why he's not getting his orders.
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Thank you guys. I will see what he can do. He is not in the U.S. So it is a little difficult for him to get a hold of branch. Hopefully it can be resolved soon. Thank you again!
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