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If someone has an HA flag for punishment phase with an expiration date does it automatically remove itself at the expiration date or does s1 still have to remove it.

Situation: Got an Art 15. Punishment phase flag was placed and AA was removed. However, reenlistment code never changed from 9B so i cant be placed on assignment. Tried to get cc to change it they said the 9B codes are now controled by s1. Went to s1 they say they cant remove it because HA is adverse action flag and is non transferable and the only way to remove is to remove the flag. i then present the 268 and reg stating that HA is transferable and 9B only applies to Adverse action, drug incident and alcohol incident. So they call help desk help desk says they need screen shot from reenlistment of code to be able to change. well that never happened. Flag had expiration date of 11 May 16 but is still on ERB along with code. Branch is trying to help with assignment but hands are tied because of code.

Any help is appreciated!
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9B is a reenlistment code, have you try talking with your Career Counselor about it? If I remember correctly, they also have the ability to change that...or maybe I am wrong. Anyways, it wouldn't hurt to talk with your CC.
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