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AR 614-200

Paragraphs 9-3 and 9-4 is the only place that mentions anything about winners of the NCO/Soldier of the Year (Best Warrior Competition). It states "Every reasonable effort will be made to assist Soldiers in obtaining their selected choice of assignment" provided a valid requisition exists. My question is does this incentive act as a waiver for any TOS requirements? For example, a Soldier/NCO arrives at their new duty station and within the first year they win this competition. Will they have to forecast further out seeing as they've had less than one year on station or could they PCS as soon as a requisition opens that they desire?

NOTE: Before anyone says this only applies to DA level winners, there are subsidiary commands with regulations that cite AR 614-200.
Example: [Soldier/NCO] may "Be authorized to submit for consideration, future assignment preference IAW AR 614-200, paragraphs 9-3 and 9-4."
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