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I know a Soldier who is a 92y E4 that is assigned to a WTU unit on FT. Hood. She is not a part of the cadre there he has recently been found fit for duty. The question is does she return to her original unit same exact company or does he go to any place that has a slot for him.

The thing is she was assigned to the aviation brigade they sent her down to the WTU and the S1 down at the Warrior Transition Unit makes no doubt about it that you are assigned to III(3)corp. Under III corp there are quite a few units. 4ID, 1CAV, 13COSCOM, 3 ACR, I ID among other units. She say's that you go to what ever unit needs you the most. Or in other words it's like being in AIT awaiting orders but you know that you will fall under III corp.

She likes the unit that she's in 4ID (1BCT) but I keep telling her that they likely will send her right back to her original unit because she didn't actually sign out of the unit she just signed into a new unit. She showed me her erb and it is on there plane as day for current assignment Warrior (trans unit).

So the question is where do people go after leaving the wtu, is it a such thing of signing out of a unit if you are basically just going to another unit across the street. Does it make any since.
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They go wherever the Army needs them, *needs of the Army.* Basically, when a Soldier goes to WTU,they PCS to WTU. WTU is a completely separate from the brigades/battalions on post. Basically, you PCS to go to WTU, to leave WTU after being found fit, you PCS to wherever you're needed which may or may not be the Soldiers original unit.
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