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FEMA courses?

Has anyone ever done these? Im trying to get more information about them. There is a college here at Ft Carson (National American University) that says if you complete all 25 FEMA courses they will credit you 22 SH's.

That sounded great for someone who really needs the points in Civ Ed.

I heard from people who heard from other people that they are really easy but they have never tried them personally. So can anyone else give me some more info on these courses?

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I completed two of the courses a few years ago and they are really easy, It was all open book tests and send it in. That’s a really good way to double dip your promotion points too. That sounds like a really good deal on college credits; can you give me some more info on the school?
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I checked out the FEMA thing. I found on the website that there are about 40 courses now, and the website even gives a college name that will award 1 semester hour for each course. But the college requires a $60 fee for each semester hour, which I think is a little unreasonable for soldiers to pay. And ACE recommends 2 semester hours for most of the courses anyway. So I'm looking into other colleges, to see if they will award semester hours without the fee and will accept what ACE recommends. I'll post back here when I get more info.
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There is another way to get them on a BOE college transcript. I have yet to do it. but I was told go to your local BOE office and bring FEMA Transcript or the Course certificates, Fee is: $100-$125 for full fee to have them translated and put on a college transcript. Not sure how accurate this INFO is, But this was told to me by another Army SPC who allegedly did it.

Teddy Smiler
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are you really responding to a message from 2004?

secondly, how can you tell someone there is another way to do it, only to follow up with...

not sure how accurate the information is

another soldier "allegedly" did it

many schools are getting away from giving credit to the FEMA courses
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many colleges take the FEMA courses they are real college credits. The thing is its going to cost you. Some colleges will only give you credit for 25 hrs. the only college that will give you full credit for all 44 courses they offer at $76 a credit hour is frederick community college. you can then request a NCI eval and use these to add with your military training. Mind you this would be good for promotion but about anything its worthless. Unless you consider a degree in emergency management.
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3 or 4 colleges that take these courses for credit doesn't count as "many" and the soldiers who spend $76 per credit hour are idiots.

these schools also are aware of the "answers" to many of these courses being available on the internet.
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