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Dual mil/bah question

Hopefully this is the right place for this question. We're both active duty and were stationed together until she got orders to Korea. She has a follow on assignment for Hawaii and were both registered in the married army couples program(not that it matters seeing how they still pcs'ed her overseas). I know the army doesn't recognize geo bachelors but can they move me back Into the barracks while I'm in the middle of a lease? Also I plan on reenlisting to go to a different post but I have Dogs and would hate to get rid of them since From the sounds of it I'd be moved in the barracks if we're not stationed together.

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When you have the chance, you should e-mail your branch manager on your promotion situation and once you get those promotion orders, you should contact the E-5 branch manager for your MOS ASAP.

I am in Korea and work with many soldiers who come to my unit unaccompanied. One is dual-military but that SM is going back to the same place where they came from.

I say once you get your situation sorted out, you can remain in the Army, get orders to Hawaii (you may not be on the same post as your post).

You could of kept your question in the same thread as your automatic list integration.
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Ok will do. I appreciate the input btw.
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