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APFT Failure Chapter?

I know that UCMJ Chapter 13 covers the separation process for PT failures, but I was wondering about the repayment of bonuses? For example, let's say Soldier X is getting out of the Army after 16 months of services (out of an enlistment of 60 months). Hey received the first part of his bonus, 10,000.

What, if anything, will he have to pay back, and when does he have to pay it back?

Any help would be greatly appreciated... I'm extra confused because according to UCMJ Chap. 13, the discharge is either Honorable or Under Honorable Conditions...
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I'm pretty sure (as much as I don't agree with it) that a bonus does not need to be repayed because it's looked at as the "Army failed the soldier".

I'm not sure about the discharge though.

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I hate to bearer of bad news, but yes the soldier would have to pay back the bonus. It wouldn't be the whole bonus, but there is a formula that finance uses to figure the amount out that is owed. Even though the characterization of the chapter is honorable or general under honorable conditions it is still a command initiated chapter because the soldier failed to mee the army's standards. Hope this helps.

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