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4/4 appeal

So i will start by saying that I was just promoted to SFC and put into the PSG position. I was happy with that. Within a week I was filling in as 1SG for three weeks. I quickly realized I was in for a lot that I was not prepared for but did my best. I received a coin from the BC. Around 3-4 months I started to drink more and sleep less. After another month my soldiers started commenting on my stress level and my appearance. By this time I had lost around 10 pounds without PT. Internal thoughts started to really drag me down more and more. I eventually had a few long talks with 1SG. Bottom line was if you need help ask for it. Tried the macho thing at first, wasn't working. At this point my work was starting to really take a nose dive. I noticed that I was spiraling down but I didn't want to take my platoon with me. I told the 1SG my thoughts, I didn't want to leaving the company hanging but I didn't want to drag the platoon down with me. By this point I had broken down and went to the doctors (10 pounds lighter again) and diagnosed with depression. So after some more talking I decided that I needed to step down for awhile to fix myself. The commander did not like this (took it as some sort of personal affront)wanted to give a relief NCOER but ended up giving me a 4/4. Citing basically my downward work performance. Now obviously I medical records during this time frame that I was going through depression. And the guy who replaced me is going through exactly the same situations that I did and having the same thoughts. What I am wondering is, with the QMP, would I have a chance to fight this if I came up on the short list? I am about to receive my first NCOER since this happened, so far talking with my rater it will definitely be better than a 4/4.
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First off I want to say that I am glad you went and got help for your depression. Being a newly promoted senior leader and being thrown into a 1SG position or platoon sergeant position can cause a lot of stress on a leader. As far as the QMP goes, if you are selected for QMP you will be given 1 chance at appeal. Your chain of command plays a huge factor in the appeals process because they make the recommendation as to whether your appeal should be approved or not. If you have shown significant improvement since your 4/4 NCOER, that would be your starting ground for your appeal. The fact that you backed down from a leadership position as a senior leader could negatively impact you for the rest of your career.
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If you were recently promoted, I wouldn't think QMP would be an immediate concern.

You should have at least a couple years to get it together.

This is a ten level task
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+1 to papa. But if you feel you don't warrant a 4/4 then appeal it according to regulation. Personal conflicts do not warrant 4/4s. All jokes aside, I need to get depressed because I can't lose weight for crap.
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What MOS are you? 4/4 sounds pretty harsh if a relief for cause is not in place. Based off your posting, sounds like a 3/3 or 3/2 scenario. Just make sure the bullets are justified if the 4/4 sticks. Make sure a SGM sees this as the reg states, just so you can make sure you get a fair shake. Pretty sure the CSM would have some influence on this and recommend changing it. As for QSP, you just got promoted. You won't even be considered for QSP until your 4th year in rank now. Actually, it may even be your 5th year in rank because I believe the mininum time in rank for promotions is back to 3 years for secondary zone consideration. I would have to look at the current messages so do quote me. If that is the case, you still have plenty of time to recover and by the time you are elgible for QSP,I'm pretty sure it would not be as biga hit 3 or 4 years from now compared to how big a hit current senior NCO's are getting hit with pink slips. Army has to meet a big piece of the reduction numbers by 2015 and 2016, which should not affect you. Just use all the assets you available. IG and CSM review before you sign it. Have a heart to heart with your 1SG too and find out his opinion and see if he thinks a 4/4 is right.
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