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Writing your own NCOER

Do you write your own NCOER? I don't mean you write it INSTEAD of your rater. I mean write it and forward it to your rater as a template he/she can use, add to, reference, or throw in the trash etc. In a perfect world all NCOs would put out an effective NCOER. It would be well written and IAW AR verbage. But we know that there are some raters who may not reflect that image of an NCO. Maybe it's his first NCOER he has to rate. Maybe he may not be that effective of a writer. NCODP can be quite the Unicorn. During my career I've always heard the term "Take your career into your own hands". That statement takes on many meanings.

I'm in the Reserve Drill SGT world where we don't all go on the same missions. We have 2 training sites we cover Ft. Lenardwood and Ft. Knox. We often get tasked to Washington state on the west coast etc..We do basic training orientation courses etc.. I have been on a few solo missions. My point is the rater and Sr. Rater aren't always around to see us perform. Much less remember where 20 Drills went in a calendar year in different directions.

I sit with my rater for QTRLY counseling and update the support form. I thought it was pretty squared away that some NCOs take this proactive approach. Imagine having an NCO who can give you an NCOER that has bullet point he can quantify/qualify. Of course this depends on who you work for. They may take it the wrong way. I decided to write my own as I've done much that may not have been documented. A lot was in addition to my goals on the support form. I premised it with "I understand you don't have to use any of this. But during my absence we weren't always able to sit and go over my support form". Let me know what you think. My 1SG reviewed it, made minor corrections to make my bullets stronger, and gave me a 2/3. While I thought I was a 2/2, he felt as a SFC for 1 1/2yrs TIG I was a 2/3. You win some, you lose some what can I tell you. He assured me next NCOER if I continued my course, I'll be a 1/2. He's a tough rater. I respect him for considering my bullets and taught me something along the way.

Would you support an NCO giving you a pre-written NCOER for you to consider/build off of?

Maybe, Provided support Doc are included

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I have done it plenty of times for my OER. And I am regular Army.
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