Reply to "25P Transition Timeline"

Originally posted by Full Metal Elf:
With the official denial, anyone guess if our points for E-5 will drop anytime soon? I am promotable with 523 but if you look at our last years promotion chart we have been maxed at 798 the entire time.

Confusing considering that when I joined this MOS it paid a 40K bonus and was a Star Mos, now 30 months in when its time to get promoted, its over strengthed and rumors of a merge.

Piss poor planning on the Army's part if you ask me.

Part of the problem is that the points were bottomed out for a long time, other Soldiers saw this and jumped into the pool.

I missed 350pts back in Oct2002. I boarded in Dec2002 and got picked up with 499pts in Sep2003. SSG with 650pts in Nov2005.

Since then they would stay maxed out then randomly drop every 4-6months or so. In 2008 they were very low, we had a bunch of 25F SGTs jump in and mess it all up LOL.

With the upcoming drawdown and bad economy they will be higher they were than in past years...