Reply to "compassionate reassignment"

Originally posted by SSG E.A.Duran:
Do I ask my new command at Ft. Irwin for time off or what can I expect is this just treated as a PCS move?

They have to follow regular moving rules.
Expect to use leave, and your Losing Command can give you 10days permissive TDY for "house hunting" at the new installation.
((((MAKE SURE you get the housing office to stamp your paperwork on the day the PTDY starts or you get charged leave for those 10days!!!))))

Once you get to the new unit, be respectful, lay out the situation to your supervisor, CDR, and 1SG, so they can try to accomadate you.

As far as orders, when are you supposed to report? If HRC already finished the assignment, bug your unit to bug the local personnel office to get the orders done...