Reply to "Erroneous NCOER"

I was given all "success" by my rater. I am not saying this out of anger but I am in a unit that has no support. My 1SG basically said the "sorry buddy thats what you get". I am not the bootlikker type soldier so I can get a great NCOER. I get rated by my performance.

Now, my Provisional Rear Commander does not like how this is going since he is getting a picture of this unit in the past 2 months that he has been here.

My NCOER was completed weeks before my THRU date(Sept 1, 13). My NCOER was then modified and returned to me around the 2nd week of September after my Rater PCSed. The Following week on 17 September 2013 I resent my revised NCOER(attached) back to my rater. He then indicated that he would look over it and make suggestions. On 15 October 2013 the initial(Attached) NCOER was apparently signed. On 17 October 2013, a day after I was told by my rater that it would be emailed to me, I realized that it was not. So I requested it from 1SG who indicated that it had already been sent downrange. What I saw is the original NCOER, the only difference was that it was signed by my rater. This was a full month exhausted with the same results as the original NCOER and no suggestions to my revised NCOER.

No justification:
1. There was never a initial written and signed counseling presented to me period and/or within my first 30 days of my rating period
2. I was never counseled on key points of what was expected of me.
3. I was never quarterly counseled.
4. There was never periodic Follow-up counseling based on observed actions and demonstrated behavior/results on what was done well and what could be done better.
5. I was never negative counseled.
6. I was never positive counseled.
7. I was never given a final Counseling session prior to end of my rating period.

I am trying to understand how there can be success bullets and 2/2 block conscientious assessment of a my performance in my assigned position and with no potential for increased responsibility and service in positions of higher ranks if there is no supporting justification. NCOER part III: block f—Counseling Dates: those are false dates because I was never counseled on either of those dates and they were omitted, therefore the board would have to know why counseling was not accomplished. I have performed above this level and I am now going through my chain of command and rating scheme before moving forward.