Reply to "ETS NCOER"

If the NCO meets the 90 day requirements, then he will recieve and NCOER prior to ETS unless under retirement where and NCOER is optional.

623-3, para., 3-44
f. A report is mandatory when the rated noncommissioned officer is separated from active duty. As an exception,
retirement reports of less than 1 year will be rendered at the option of the rater or senior rater or when requested by the
rated Soldier. If the rated soldier is retiring, or is being released to the USAR after 20 or more years of active duty, the
rater will indicate in their comments in DA Form 2166–8, Part IVb, the grade and assignment for which the rated
noncommissioned officer will be recalled to active duty in the event of mobilization.

Bullets comments are now mandatory, the old days of closing out a report with all success are no longer authorized. Try it and it will more than likely be returned from HRC with errors due to lack of bullet comments. There should be at least one bullet. I will post the message on this guidance when I find it. If not look it up on the most recent ALARACT or MILPER messages which can be found on the S-1 net.