Reply to "Late NCOER"

SFC Rob, it's nothing personal- this is an open forum. So what I write is for everyone else as well. Most that come to this site are NCOs or Wannabe NCOs. Everyone of them needs to understand that this isn't right.

How are you taking care of the welfare these Soldiers if you just do someone else's work for them? The mission still needs be accomplished though...

I personally would tell CSM that you can 'help' review the NCOERs or you could give suggestions to the Rating NCOS. But you should not be writing Other Raters' NCOERs. Period.

Those Raters should have found out long ago what their NCOs' jobs were and sat down and counseled with them. THEY are the ones that work with the NCOs so THEY should evaluate their performance.

They might not know everything the Signal NCOs do. They don't have to. They need to rate the NCOs on the jobs that they're actually doing. They brag up the fact that the NCOs are working outside their MOS- it shows later boards proficiency as an NCO and not just in their MOS.
(Just like working almost two years outside my MOS as a SSG in 2005-2007 didn't hurt getting my current job.)

Finally, if the BDE CSM tells you to write a NCOER for someone in a made up position, that so happens to be a Signal Soldier are you going to "grow a backbone" and tell the BDE CSM you do it!!!

YES. You do it in a tactful manner, maybe to the 1SG or CO Commander.

Or maybe you sit down with the rater and explain to them that they need to do it. If they have any self-respect as an NCO they should feel hurt that someone else is 'doing their job'- or maybe they're glad to be able to pass the buck?

I don't envy your job- it's a sticky situation. I hope it works out for you.
One of the reasons I went Warrant- I don't answer to the CSM. Wink