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Does being an Unpaid "Reserve" Volunteer Police Officer and/or Deputy Sheriff qualify for the MOVSM, and if so, where is it stated????

Sgt. L

The hours you volunteered and/or events you responded to would be what you have to look at. Any supporting documents (i.e. a signed volunteer hours sheet by a representative at the police station/sheriff's office, a typed list of duties you performed on a regular basis while volunteering) should be attached/ready for review.

An example bullet might read:
"SGT L's selfless service in volunteering 270 hours over the course of 8 months through the ASGF's patrolling force enhanced the ability of the force to extend into high level petty crime areas and thereby greatly increasing the security of the community at large while helping reduce the crime rate by 20%."
"As a volunteer Deputy Sheriff for the ASGF, SGT L made 45 calls to outlying residences within the county responding to house fires, domestic disputes, wildlife encounters and drunken disputes. Through his call to duty on this volunteer basis and donation of 135 hours of his personal time the ASGF Sheriff's Department was able to respond to all calls made with no injury or accident."

No list exists to include/exclude any amount of organizations or businesses you are allowed to count if you are genuinely volunteering; the ONLY exclusion is non-civilian volunteering meaning you can't volunteer in uniform in your workplace doing your job or serving the military in such a fashion as you are already getting paid for 24/7 work.

Good luck!