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fellow 325 AIR member,
may you email me the volunteeer 638 to


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If anybody needs the DA 638, i can send it, but here is what the bullets look like.

SPC A*** volunteered 88 hours of service to Fort Bliss and the local community. His involvement with the community's youth promoted a positive image of soldiers being viewed as role models. SPC A**** also dedicated 12 hours to the city of El Paso through the Fort Bliss Sergeant Audie Murphy Club such as the annual Trot For Tots. This event collected money for underprivileged children of El Paso.

SPC A**** dedicated 76 hours to the students of ****** Elementary School, participating in pep rallies, judging contests, and landscaping the school's atrium. He also decorated for a halloween haunted house at the school. This shows the El Paso community that Fort Bliss cares about the students and their success, while still being able to have fun. Teachers, parents, and school administrators expressed their gratitude for his work and mentorship.

***Proposed Citation***

For outstanding achievement while selflessly devoting 164 hours of volunteer service to local community schools and organizations. Specialist A*****'s efforts enhanced the army's self image in the local community. His outstanding performance reflects great credit upon him, the steel battalion, 5th bde combat team, 1st armored division, and the united states army.