Reply to "Profile PT Session"

Originally posted by TimmyD:
Soldiers normally have "dead man" profiles because they have sustained significant injuries which prevent physical activity. "Why are you as a leader and NCO having 'fun' with it?" Furthermore, if they cannot participate in cardiovascular activity, why are you asking them to "be there" at all. It is of no benefit to you or them. Their health, and hopefully quick return to being able to accomplish the mission should come first.

The "have fun" was sarcastic. No NCO likes babysitting or trying to have people who don't want to work do what they should.

It's not fair to those that are earning a paycheck for some to go get (falsely) dead-man profiles and not do PT. Not to mention their physical readiness suffers from being on profile.
--IF NCOs didn't harass people about them then many more Soldiers would go get them just to skip PT. So you can NOT just let them skip PT.

For every legitimate profile out there I would GUESS there are 2-3 Soldiers w/ profile just to sham.


PS- welcome to the forum!!
You might realize that this forum is MOSTLY people who Want to do the right thing, and your First post is pretty questionable.. (to me anyway.