Reply to "Profile PT Session"

Originally posted by TimmyD:
If you have a problem with a soldier who has a "fake" profile, then they need to be dealt with individually through the chain of command and contact with their doctors.

That was the point of the "have a great time with the Dead man profiles" comment I made. It was a sarcastic comment to begin with.

SOME of them are using the system.
It's rough (therefore NOT a "great time,") to know all the time who those abusers are. Striving as an NCO to help train, mentor, and care for Soldiers becomes difficult when you Suspect that someone might be shamming.

I'm not for one second advocating treating Soldiers unfairly or even trying to determine that a profile is fake!!

All you can do is keep sending them back to the doctor, but there are just as many diagnosis out there as there are stars in the sky. One doctor may write a profile while another says drive on.

--I'm somewhat jaded after last week's incident of a female Soldier claiming she was pregnant (since December) and somehow managing to skip regular work, PT, and class because of it. She "lost" a baby then got pregnant again.
--We SUSPECTED something was fishy, because she had some of the right paperwork from the TMC, but not all of it. NCO had to try and stay within privacy guidelines and escort them to the TMC, to see paperwork get issued-
---Turns out the Commander got involved and she NEVER WAS PREGNANT, and after she got busted on it when AWOL..

So what happens in the future in our unit?
-Unfortunately now we scrutinize the pregnant Soldiers a little more and they might feel 'harassed' that we make them show certain documents to verify their status..