Reply to "SAMC prep questions"

Hello all,
I was just recommended for induction into the MEDCOM S*A*M*C Friday Feb 11’th, so I thought I would put in my two cents about my recent board experience. I have been studying for these boards for about a year or so.

I have seen a lot of posts of people looking for the smallest detail about Sergeant Audie Murphy. My tip is to forget all that, the board won’t care that you know the name of the guy Audie Murphy punched because he was being mean to a dog. (I’m not saying you shouldn’t know things like who his living sister is, or know about Audie Murphy day) They did however ask me this,...
“We all know Audie Murphy is known for great things what can you tell us about him that is troubling”
I talked about his drug addiction to what was thought a non-addictive sleep aid due to his PTSD then called war fatigue. I went on to explain how he became an activist for PTSD and made the army take a serious look at their mental health care standards especially during the Vietnam war. Just remember the S*A*M*C board / club is about leadership not memorization!

Don’t say “I believe, I think, I feel” if you only “believe” you will act a certain way when one of your soldiers are in need how can the board have faith that you are the type of confidant and caring NCO they are looking for to join the club. Another don’t do is if they ask you why you want to be in the club,.. don’t say because SAMC members are the best NCO’s in the army this will sound like you are saying those NCO’s that are not in the club (there will probably be a non SAMC SGM or two on your board) are not as capable or as good of a leader as club members.

Bio Bio Bio! it may be a small part of the months of preparation but it also may be the most important. My Hospital level board was intense, I answered questions for about 3.5 hours. My sponsor ensured my bio was excellent for the regional boards and I only answered questions for about an hour. The confidence and professionalism you exhibit reciting your bio will set the tone for the rest of your board.

other random questions I remember,...
(I’m a 68W medic one of my soldiers is a 68K Lab tech)
“Because you work in the orderly room what are you doing to ensure your Sergeant is maintaining her M.O.S. proficiency”

“Lets say your soldiers performance begins to become substandard what do you do?”

(after explaining that I would counsel them on an individual basis and determine exactly what was the cause of their obvious lack of motivation then take steps to motivate them they asked,...)

“Now your soldiers want to go to I.G. because of your counseling what do you do?”

The club members asked about my volunteer work (I have been volunteering since before I was in the army and in the army before I knew about the SAMC so I think I was good on that section.) They also asked about the Military Outstanding Volunteer Medal (Which I don’t have) I don’t register my time like you can at ACS I always kinda figured it defeats the purpose of volunteering if you are logging hours for some kind of recognition. (I didn’t say any of this to the board members I didn’t want to come off as arrogant because I’m sure a lot of them feel differently and they do log hours. I just said I didn’t know about logging hours and I volunteer because I enjoy it, I don’t think it hurt my cause at all.)

If anyone has any other questions please feel free to e-mail me at