Security Badges

I was presented with a situation where a NCO was wearing his security badge holder on his ACUs. His badge was placed in his left breast pocket, thus it was not on display outside the secured area. I cannot find anything in AR 190-13 (Physical Security), AR 670-1, or DA PAM 670-1 on the wear of the badge holder. I have informed him that wearing it outside the secure area is in violation of AR 670-1 and AR 190-13, however he wants to see it in writing. Could someone give me a hand and point me to the correct area?

The closest I have gotten was AR 670-1 para 3-11:
b. Security identification badges. In restricted areas, commanders may prescribe wearing security identification
badges, in accordance with AR 600–8–14 and other applicable regulations. Personnel will not wear security identification
badges outside the area for which they are required. Personnel will not hang other items from the security
identification badge(s). The manner of wear will be determined by the organization that requires wearing the badges.

Since it was just his holder, he said it was not in violation. By holder I mean the retractable cord that clips to the pocket on his uniform.
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