Reply to "Security Badges"

I wear a security badge and when we leave the facility, we are just supposed to secure it. At times, it is in my uniform pocket and at times, I place it in my wallet.

We have temp badges for visitors that stay within the facility.

You can always visit your local security manager for local policy.

Here are some links.

‡ Protection
‡ In the community, don’t give people the opportunity to see your
credentials and identify you as a Consultant. It can make you a target
for solicitation and social engineering, and may indicate where
employees and/or Consultants frequent afterhours. This information
is helpful to those seeking our data
‡ Storage
‡ When you leave the facility, remove your badge and put it in a safe
place with low visibility
‡ Purpose
‡ The badge is intended to strengthen our personnel, asset, and
information protection capabilities as well as enable ready
identification of people on our premises